WorthaWow is a sort of notebook of the most interesting things we find surfing the web.

What kind of things? First of all we are interested in web applications and web services. But from time to time we will focus on other things like people or companies we love, books or magazines we read, wines and recipes we enjoy.

In any case we will always follow a simple rule: we will cover something only if it’s really worth-a-wow! We think you get the point.

Why should you care? The web is full of beautiful things, but it’s also full of crap. We know you are busy and overwhelmed and we want to share with you our findings if we think they could be useful for you. We think the only way to make the web a better place is positively embracing this sharing mindset.

We hope you will like the products, the stories, the people and the companies we will submit to your attention. And we hope you will have something to add too, we would really love it.

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