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We’ve just found a site where you can find the best price for a book you’re looking for on the internet: in fact, is a real book price search engine. To use their own words:

We search over 200 online bookstore prices to find you the best deal on any new & used books and textbooks.

Actually, they do even more. Let’s take for example “Business Dynamics: System Thinking and Modeling for a Complex World”, by John D. Sterman. This is a book on how to build system dynamics models to help you dealing with business issues… The subject is not so important: I’ve picked this book just because I know it’s very expensive and to show how much you can save by using Campusi.

Here’s the book’s cover.

The image above is linked to the Amazon product page. If you want, click on it and take a look at the price… $154.06 + shipping!

Now let’s search for this book on

Campusi book price search engine form

Just type the book title (business dynamics) and the author’s name (sterman) in the search form, and click on search. Below you can see a partial screenshot of the search results, showing all the books matching the given criteria.

Campusi book price search results

As you can see, the first one is exactly the item we were looking for, the second is the same book without the CD-ROM, the third (not shown in the shot) is an old edition, the fourth is the instructor’s manual. There is also a fifth item whose the title is exactly the same as those of the first one… We will come back on this soon, but – for the moment – let’s click on the first one to compare the prices for the exact item.

Here’s the result:

As I mentioned before, Campusi actually does more than simply comparing raw prices: they show many things like conditions, shipping costs, taxes and – most important – they give you available coupons.

Then they calculate the actual cost you have to pay to buy an item from a given vendor! The image is not very clear, but the cheapest ‘new’ item costs $103.73, which means that you can save almost 33% on the regular price. However, if you don’t mind having a brand new book, you can buy a used item from Amazon UK for just $80.05 overall, saving 47.5%!

Now, saving 47.5% on the regular price can be already considered a very good deal, but you can save even more! Let’s take a deeper look at the fifth result of our original research:

The book is exactly the same with the CD-ROM. The only difference is that in this case we are buying the International Edition that is a PAPERBACK version. This means that it will be much cheaper! This can be verified by clicking again on the ‘compare prices’ button.

Here’s the result.

As you can see, the cheapest ‘new’ (paperback) item sells for $71.88!

If you consider the original price of the book ($154.06), this five-minute-research on the Campusi book price search engine, helped you save 82.18$ (53.34%).

Really amazing. And it’s completely free!

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  • jsalvati

    I love this site. I’ve been using it to buy most of my books for a few months now.

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