CommonCraft: The Art Of Explanation

I know a lot of smart people complaining about the fact that they don’t have time to keep up with all the news and developments in the Internet world. They know that the web is full of wonderful sites literally packed with useful information. They feel as they are missing a lot of opportunities. And they are!

When someone asks me how can I always be so up-to-date (it’s not completely true but it’s their perception and I’ve built a sort of personal brand on this) I simply explain that my secret weapon is an RSS feed reader: a software tool (or a web service) that every day allows me to check dozens of interesting websites in a fraction of the time that I should spend visiting them individually. To be completely true, this is only one of the tools I use, but it’s the most important one. The one I couldn’t live without.

That said, it’s not so easy to explain how an RSS reader works and why someone should use it without going into too-much technical details. Especially if your friend is an Internet novice.Some months ago, I found the CommonCraft website. They are a small consulting company focusing on the production of short, simple and effective videos to explain apparently complicated issues.

Here’s the video they produced about RSS. It’s called “RSS in Plain English

Since the day I discovered their website I always refer my friends to their work. Their paper-and-whiteboard format (paperworks) is simply amazing! Definitely worth-a-wow!

Other issues they covered are: Wikis, Blogs, Social Bookmarking, Social Networking, Photo Sharing. Google hired them to produce videos on Google Docs and Google Maps for Mobile With My Position. Other companies did the same.Some of the videos have been translated, transcripted and/or subtitled. More details on the CommonCraft Show page.

Check their work. They may become your secret weapon.

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