Multiple Gmail Login Switcher

I’ve tried this little Gmail Login Switcher tool this morning and I must confess that it really made me happy. It allows you to instantly switch among all your Gmail accounts without having to log out from the account you’re logged in and then re-log in to the other account (very annoying if, for any reason, you have to check your email frequently).

Actually what this script does is replacing the “Sign Out” link located in the upper-right corner of the Google services with a drop-down menu. From that menu you can select one of your alternate Google accounts, and it will immediately logout and login to the other without any other user intervention.

Even if, once installed and configured, using the tool doesn’t require any particular ability, the installation process can put in little troubles the average internet user. Then, let’s show it in details.

Gmail Login Switcher Requirements

First of all, you must have all the following things in place:

Firefox. Sorry, the tool only works on Firefox. If you are still following the Explorer, listen to me …leave it alone, join the Fox crew and don’t look back: it’s free, smarter …and you won’t regret it!

The new version of Gmail. If you are still using the old version, you will have to switch to the new one. It’s easy: login to Gmail and click on the “Newer version” link on the upper-right corner of the page. Then logout and repeat this operation for each of your Gmail accounts.

gmail update to the newer version

Greasemonkey extension installed. This will probably sounds a little exotic for most of you. Don’t worry: Greasemonkey is a Firefox add-on that “allows you to customize the way a webpage displays using small bits of JavaScript” – just to use their own words. Well, install it and forget it! Go to the Greasemonkey homepage , click on the ‘install’ button, confirm that you want to install the add-on and restart Firefox.

At this point you will see a little monkey face on the status bar (lower-right corner of your Firefox window) greasemonkey active icon If the monkey looks sad and grey greasemonkey inactive icon , click once on the icon to activate.

Installing the Gmail Account Multi-Login script

Now that everything is in place, you can install and configure the script itself. Go to the script homepage and click on the black button on the right. Once again, Firefox will warn you, but go on. Done!

Configuring the Gmail Login etc.

Now that you have the script installed, login to one of your Gmail accounts and manually add all the Gmail accounts among which you want to be able to switch. To help you to do that, I’ve uploaded a short instructional video on YouTube. Hope this help…

Once finished with adding all your accounts to this Gmail login tool, you will be able to switch from an account to another simply selecting them from the drop menu.

the gmail login tool at work


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  • Jan

    Well … the Jarett’s Multiple Gmail Login Switcher is a very interesting script.

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t work if the account is setted to French language.


  • Another way to accomplish this without greasemonkey is with the gmail manager extension:

    – add each of your accounts, tick ‘login’
    – optionally set a check interval if you want notification of new mail
    – right click the envelope and pick account
    – click on it to spawn a new tab (configurable)
    .. and you’ll already be logged in


  • maria

    i want to switch users met

  • Earthman

    Works ok for gmail accounts, but the redirect fails for google apps accounts. It will redirect when switching from a googleapps email to a gmail email, but nt the other way (must add an /a/ into the redirect url for these ones….)

    Do you think you will be able to find a way to make the script detect an apps email and redirect accordingly?


  • steve

    nice !

  • Jerry

    I did the install but notice that upon switching to another account, the dropdown disappears and the “sign out” link is back. I have to manually get out of that and go back to my main Gmail account where the dropdown does display.

    What could be causing this?


  • I like it , thank you

  • PH

    Works like a charm! Thanks very much for this instruction.

  • boulbul

    is the script secured. where are all the password stored? and are they encrypted?

  • J

    I love the idea and used this multiple user login feature with Firefox but now I use Google Chrome as my browser. What are the options for Google Chrome? Thanks J

  • alfpace

    @J This is a Greasemonkey script and we will have to wait until May to see some form of extension management developed into Chrome

  • alfpace

    @boulbul the passwords are stored in firefox as usual but you can visit the author page for more details (you can see also the script code there)

  • Rodney

    Doesn’t work on FF 3.5.1

  • simdigg

    There is a wonderful extension in Google Chrome to manage multiple Google accounts (not just GMail) named QuickLogin.

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