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We all have a digital camera. But did you ever try to print your best digital photos at the store down the street? It can be quite expensive!

Today one of the blogs we are following ( is covering PrintRates, a service that will help you in comparing online digital photo printing services in order to save money without sacrificing quality. It works like Campusi, the book search engine that we covered in a previous post.

PrintRates is a price search engine. You just have to define the number of digital prints you want, the paper size, your preferred delivery method and hit the Search Prices button. In the example below I am searching prices for 150 prints on a 4×6 paper with the cheapest delivery method.

PrintRates Input Form

Your search will result in a list of online stores matching the given criteria. In this case it seems I am saving up to 49.72$ which is the difference between the most expensive and the cheapest service in the list.

PrintRates - Output

If you click on the more info button, you will be sent to a page where you can order your photos from the selected printer but also read a profile of the company, post a review or send the page to a friend.

In the screenshot below I selected the first store listed in the previous result page (the cheapest offer) by clicking on the More Info button.

PrintRates - More info

As you can see, the summary shows that the store has been reviewed 12 times and is rated 4 out of 5 on both quality and service, that your photos will be printed on “konica” paper and that there is a coupon available. Hitting the Print Now button will take you directly to the store homepage.

In addition to reading the reviews made by other customers, you can post your own review and add your own ratings. You can always contact other reviewers and discuss with them via the site forum. The site also provides a good list of articles on more or less technical issues about digital photography.

In addition, if you need to buy a new camera or some accessories, there is a store section in association with

We think that this site is a really useful resource if you are looking for cheap and reliable online digital photo printing services.

Too bad, the service is now available only for US and UK residents and is comparing only 53 online digital photo printing stores (33 in the US and 20 in the UK). This means that the calculation of the potential savings is taking into account a very limited number of offers.

The site also lacks an “about” page where you can take some more info on the company behind the project and their development plans. So we don’t know if they will add more stores and more countries in the near future.

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  • Edoardo

    not completely related but you might find this quite interesting:

    …and the rates are as well

  • Funny you chose PEphoto as the cheapest selection as they have so many hidden fees the tool is obviously not taking into consideration. I know because I used them once but now I’ve decided to go with where there are no hidden fees and I can pick up my prints and not wait or pay for shipping.

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