Quix: a bookmarklet to rule them all!

Quix logoThere are a lot of wonderful webapps and they all have a number of ways in which you can interact with them. Generally it happens via a bookmarklet, which is essentially a piece of javascript giving your browser a group of instructions on how to perform a sequence of activities like adding a bookmark, posting a tweet or a blog post, and so on.

I still remember the first time I installed one of them: the Delicious bookmarklet. Wonderful: I am surfing the web, I find an interesting website, I press the bookmarklet and “wow! The magic happens”… without leaving the page, I see a smaller window prefilled with the page url, the page title and the possibility to add some words of description and some tags as well. In no time my bookmark collection grew to more than 500 entries. And, by the way, I still use it!

Since then, I subscribed to other great services, and practically each one of them has its bookmarklet to help you perform the core actions of the webservice itself (to name a few: twine, diigo, wordpress, posterous, remember the milk, …). Too bad, the bookmarks bar soon became so crowded that I had to create a “share” folder in which I placed all the bookmarklets with the result that one of their main benefits (one-click access to some features) was frustrated.

A couple of days ago I discovered Quix, a new little app that basically acts like a meta-bookmarklet. All you have to do is installing the bookmarklet (by dragging it on the bookmarks bar) and you are all set.

The Quix bookmarklet

Clicking on the Quix button you are presented with a small window in which you can perform a number of actions. For example you can perform a google search typing g and the word you want to search, or you can invoke the delicious bookmarklet by typing db (while on the page you want to bookmark), or you can post the page on posterous by typing p (while on the page you want to post).

Quix window

You have to learn a little bit of lingo, because you can interact with many web services and each one of them will have its dedicated key, but typing “help” in the box will bring you to a page with a listing of the commands you can use. One of the coolest thing is that you can integrate it with your browser of choice and assign a shortcut to invoke the Quix app directly from the keyboard.

And obviously, for the geeks out there, you can create your bookmarklet. All you have to do is learning a bit of syntax and add it to the Quix code using the extend page.

Ain’t it cool?

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